Open Source

I've been involved in many open source projects over time. 

The most prominent one is Kannel, the open source SMS/Wap Gateway. My contributions to Kannel are especially the rewrite of the AT driver module and the delivery report module. 

I recently worked on getting the Cocoa port named Cocotron to work natively under Linux. The results are here

Some other useful tools I've made a nice installer for MacOS X 10.9


this is a binary compilation straight of the OpenSSL sources. it is a merged version for i386 and x86_64 and it does have sctp and shared enabled.



mysql and postgres client libraries working under i386 and x86_64 and install under /usr/local/mysqlclient resp.  /usr/local/postgresclient. Useful for fat binary developments as the default only comes for one architecture.



libraries installing under /usr/local for i386 and x86_64





SCTP for Maveriks (OS X 10.9), MoutainLion (OS X 10.8), Lion (OS X 10.7) and  OS X 10.6. 

Run /Library/StartupItems/SCTP/SCTP PrepareSDK once to copy the header and library files into the Xcode SDK folders.  run /Library/StartupItems/SCTP/SCTP FirstStart once to prepare the SDK and start it.

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