Curiculum Vitae

2016-today: CEO and owner of Fink Telecom Services GmbH offering signaling services and firewall products for the mobile industry

2015-today: CEO and owner of Cajutel Inc (USA) & Cajutel Sarl (Guinea-Bissau)  A wireless internet provider operating in Guinea-Bissau

2010-2015: CEO and owner of iCell ehf. A wireless internet provider operating in Iceland previously known as emax. Currently converging towards 4G Technology

2010-today: CEO and owner of Backbone ehf, a Internet Backbone provider for Iceland

2010-today: CEO and owner of DataCell ehf, a datacenter operator

2008-today: Development of iPhone and iPad applications. Such as Global.AQ

2001 - 2014: Fink Consulting GmbH:  Consulting work, Training, Software development

2001 - today: open source development for Kannel, the SMS gateway

2001 - 2015: SMSRelay AG (previously a business unit of Global Networks Schweiz AG): SMS solutions for operators (SMSC, MMSC, SMSProxy to receive SMS from other operators, conversion systems, filtering and AntiSpamming/Anti Fraud systems for SMS). SMS wholesale termination and hubbing.  

2005-2010 BebbiCell AG:  Started up Mobile Virtual Operator

2000 - 2001: Cisco Systems San Jose: Field engineer for SS7/VoIP field trials.Signalling expert

1994 - 2000: World Online S.A. (formerly known as Ping Net GmbH)

Founder of the Ping Net GmbH which became World Online Switzerland.  Ping Net was the first ISP focused on affordable Internet access for private individuals and small to medium size companies. Sold in 2000 with 75 employees and two dozen points of presence

1991-1993 Supporter for relational database system 4th Dimension and Mac Telecom Products

Supported 4th Dimension RDBMS and Telecommunications products for Macintosh (TCP/IP, IBM Mainframes etc) at ALSYD SA, Biel/Bienne. I already knew 4th Dimension inside out, but I learned a lot about telecommunications, Main product lines where the Cayman Gatorbox (MacIP gateway and AppleTalk + IP Router), Andrew AS/400 and IBM 3270 terminal emulation products as well as X.400 gateways. Operated my first BBS on a private basis. Developed Picture combination software for large phone book publisher for printout of "Good to print" form with data stored in Database, loaded in via EPS files and data received on-line from AS/400


1998 Ideous Technologies AG (intermediate work):  Microsoft Exchange module for Account Geneous, a product by Ideous. 1997 Web Database System for DataStore AG , 1995 Database front ends for DataQuest AG, 1994 Developed InterFinder, a software to connect a Telefinder BBS to the internet. 1993-1994 Projectleader for Picture Archival System for EMPA (Federal Institute for Material Research), 1989-1991 MOR Informatik, Zurich, Operating System Supporter for CAD Systems based on DEC/VMS and Ultrix. 1988-1989 Microframe (my first startup company), Invoicing system for Musikhaus Pan AG Zürich. 1987-1988 Junior Programmer / Analyst at CONNEX AG, Zurich

Other Education:

Currently studying at Open University to complete my degree (BSC honours in Computing and IT; Software development and networking pathway)


I have completed certification in Telecommunications Industry Knowledge with a Weighted score of 4.55 on a scale of 1 to 5. I scored higher than 99% of all previous examinees at that time. My public Transcript can be found at

I have completed certification in C with a Weighted score of 4.08 on a scale of 1 to 5. I scored higher than 92% of all previous examinees at that time. My public Transcript can be found at

Training Courses

2000: Achieved Certification as Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) #806199257700976 

1997: Cisco Systems, San Jose: MSSC Multiband Switch Service

1993: 4th Dimension. Advanced Programming Course 

1992: Paris: Cayman Systems Inc, Training for Gatorbox TCP/IP

1990: Training at Digital Equipment: DEC/VMS Systemadmin. II 

1983: Licensed as Radio Amateur (HAM Radio) 

1976: Since childness I was playing with electronics


1985-1987: Studies in Electrical Engineering at ETH Zurich

1981-1985 Tagesgymnasium Juventus. Matura Typus C

1972-1978 Primary School Fribourg & Tafers 

1978-1981 Progymnasium Ste. Croix Fribourg


As my work is my passion, there is not much time for hobbies. But when I got some time, I play guitar or chess and travel around the globe. While being a teenager, I had the pleasure to travel with my dads youth orchestra to many countries (UK, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and twice Canada) and with 12 years, I was invited to the US for 10 weeks by a friend of my mother. Traveling has been my "hobby" ever since. From time to time I also use my HAM Radio , mostly Packet Radio. My callsigns are HB9DWF and TF3EN.


Analytical way of thinking Exact & precise Ability to quickly adapt to new situations Out of the box thinker Highly communicative Visionary & inventive Decisive Keeping a good balance between theory and practice. Goal oriented Ability to motivate and drive people


I fluently speak and write German, English and French.

Knowledge Areas:

Programming languages: Strong knowledge in C and C++, especially on MacOS and Unix.

Strong knowledge in the database language 4th Dimension, Strong knowledge of Shell scripts (sh, bash, csh), Pascal, Business Basic Some knowledge in Java, Frontier, Perl, SQL and various other funny languages.

Operating Systems: MacOS 1.1 - 9.0, MacOS X, Unix (especially Linux on Intel, Alpha, Sparc and PPC, A/UX, AIX, Ultrix, Solaris, HP/UX and MkLinux/PPC) DOS/Windows 95/98/NT, EPOC Cisco IOS

Network Protocols: deep knowledge in:

AppleTalk, IP (including IPv6), Voice over IP, X.25, AX.25 EIGRP, RIP, OSPF, BGP4, AURP, ARAP, PPP, ISDN, SS7, SGCP, ATM, CSD, Ethernet Family, VLAN, VPDN, Frame Relay, GSM, UMTS

Wireless LAN/WAN Technologies

IPSEC some knowledge in:

IBM SNA, DECNET, H323, NetBEUI Applications

Apache Sendmail 4th Dimension RDBMS Bind

Internet: HTML, WAP/WML, HTTP, FTP, Telnet, News, Gopher and about everything you can imagine on the internet... Internet Registry Procedures (RIPE) Internet Security Mechanisms (PGP, Encrypted VLANs, PKIs). Encryption (SSH, SSL, IDEA, DES)

Most Successful Projects:

Installation of the first Virtual Switch Controller from Cisco Systems world wide. Problem analysis, bug reporting, conformance tests, dial plan tools development. Put in service interconnection with other carriers Development of extremely flexible billing systems for Internet Services. completely automated online registration allowing customers to sign up and connect within minutes while no user interaction is needed. Automatic installation of complete websites and registration of domains as well. System used today by Ping Net, Worldonline Switzerland and UK.

E-Mail to SMS, Pager and Fax Gateway. SMS to E-Mail Gateway. Registrationssystem for arriving goods at Dataquest AG.Registration by using radio controlled barcode readers and automatic update on existing IT system. Development and sale of "InterFinder", a e-mail gateway for a popular and revolutionary BBS package at the time being, called Telefinder. Compatibility and interworking tests of ISDN devices for the magazine MacWorld Switzerland. Picture archival system for EMPA, the federal institute for material research. WOLcano, the next generation ISP billing system


Personality type according to MBTI (Meyers-Briggs): ENTJ

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